Sunday, 24 May 2009

Who are you?

Who are you?
Whose siluette i see in my dreams
Whose shadow seem to follow me
Oh who are you?

Whose voice is unknown, yet familiar to me,
Whose smell drifts on the air, and reach me
Who are you?
Oh who are you?

Who makes my heart pound
And make my eyes cry?
Who are you?
Oh who are you?

short poem i wrote a while back (say 2 years) that i found while looking at my old notebooks. I jusst feel this had to be here.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Finally its all over.

Hey guys,

Well, finally my exams finished, and i think i did pretty well :P so now that i am the wonderful stage of the year called vacations, i am now going to write in my blog, so in a little bit i shall continues with Flower, other stories, and you know all of the things i usually write here :P Well see ya around 

Love, Edward

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I hope you understand

Hi guys, i know not many people reads my blog, but you who do are important to me so i want you to know, right now im having some family problems, and im also on finals, and my birthday is coming up this friday, so im really stressed right now, and when i write stressed out i never like what i write, so for a while (i hope that by next wednesday when my frickin' exams are overs ill feel better since finals are 70% of my stress) so "Flower" and, well, my whole blog, will be on pause for the time being. DONT WORRY I SHALL BE BACK!! i just need some time. 

Thanks for your understanding. and again, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING MY BLOG. to hear your comments always puts makes me SOOOOOOOO happy like you have no idea.

Well see ya guys. 

Love, Edward =D

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


There is a forest, far away from here. Its not even in this country, heck, its not even in this continent. I am even doubtful whether the forest is on earth, however i know it exists. In the middle of the forest there is a flower. This flower is surronded by trees, trees so old and tall that they never paid any attention to the little flower. However the flower grew very beautiful, always in the shadow of the trees around it, but it didnt mattered, few rays of sun got through the foliage of the trees every day and in this forest, rain is plentiful, but even though the flower had everything it needed, it was unsatisfied.

To be continue

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Thank you so much Christine

[goldenheart+from+jane.jpg] Thank you so much Christine for giving me the Golden heart Award. This means so much for me. I really like to see that other enjoy what i write, because even though it might not show it, every piece of things that i write here are parts of me. 


Please pay a visit to her her blog is so good.  CLICK HERE TO READ AN AWESOME BLOG FROM AN AWESOME PERSON!