Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Giving Tree

Never in my life has a children's book made me cry. However, now at my 16 years of life, at the dawn of my 17th birthday, "The Giving Tree" has acomplished it. This book written and illustrated by Shel Silverstein narrates the story of a tree and a young boy. The boy would play with the tree and swing from tis branches, and eats its apples and sleep in the shade, and all was fine. However and unfortuantely, childhood doesn't last forever, and the boy grew up. 

You should definetely read this if you haven't and read it again if you have. Definetely a story that i will tell to my sons.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009


The blue butterfly
Flaps its tiny wings
towards the clouds far away

This is just a preparation for the haiku festival on may. Hope you like it.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Due to the influenza epidemic in mexico, for the next week i shall be enclose to my house. and im so bored. i havent been allowed to go out all day. and seriously its so boring!! after all there are no girls in the internet.

(sorry i couldnt resist the joke. =P dont take it the bad way.)

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


I had a dream, were i was a butterfly. I didn't remembered that previously i had been a human, i just remembered being a butterfly. My wings were blue, with dots of lazy purple. It was a unique pattern in butterflies, i was the only butterfly with those wings. and when i flapped them, the colors seemed to make an almost hypnotic pattern. I flew and flew, from flower to flower, over a, what seemed, infinite flower field. But i noticed something. All the flowers were daisies. But i didn't cared. I just liked flying over them. A life as a butterfly was pretty carefree. I just flew over the flowers. Resting from time to time, and whenever i went down, other bugs seemed to be amazed at the beauty of my wings. During one of my rests, i went to down and decided to walk for a change, and walk among my fellow bugs. Rapidly, some bugs bega following me and my wings. It spooked me a bit but i didn't paid attention, i just wanted to walk. Suddenly a worm came out of the earth and he started asking me question.

"I am blind but i can sense that a lot of bugs are following you. Why is that?" The worm asked.
"Well i think its because of my colorful yet soothing wings" I replied.
"Whats so special about them?" the worm continued.
"Well they are the only wings with these colors around him" I said bluntly.
"What have you done to deserve them?" the worm asked simply. "Well we shall leave that for another day, for i have to dig wholes so water can reach the roots of the flowers" and he dug off.
I was left feeling a bit insulted and i flew off. Instantly the disappointed sighs of my follower bugs echoed in my butterfly ears. I went to the highest daisy and sat on the edge of one of its petals and i began thinking about what the worm had said.

I didn't contributed anything, i hadn't deserve my wings, yet the poor blind worm digs all day so this daisies won't die. He truly deserve wings.

Then i waked up.

Feeling a bit shaken at my dream, i decided to go walk outside (since it was still holidays i didn't had any problems. I went out to the yard and interestingly enough i found a butterfly on the ground. It didn't had the hypnotic pattern like i did but nevertheless, it was beautiful. I sat down next to the butterfly, and fortunately it didn't mind me sitting next to it. I reached my finger towards it and it walked right into it. I was amazed at the delicately pattern of its wings, because even though it wasn't as pretty as my own wings were, it still was amazing. after a couple of seconds the butterfly flew away, but i stayed where i was sitting. The night before it had been raining and the yard had lots of puddles of mud. The nearest one to me, i noticed had worms. I WAS SHOCKED!

Perhaps the butterfly flew when he saw the worm coming out of the puddle, and was ashamed as i was for not earning its wings.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009



Monday, 13 April 2009

Moon of Cheese!

Today at 6:50 somthing AM, on my way to high school, as i turned around the corner and pass all the tall buildings on my way, I saw the moon for the first time in months. It was so breathtakingly beautiful, i couldn't stop watching it. It was in a wanning stage like in the photo, however, I swear there was somthing else, i dont know if it was the effect of dawn, or a shadow or the clouds, but it looked almost unreal. for a moment, everything was so perfect. quiet, and dark. It was just so pretty, I swear it was one of the most beautiful things i have seen in a LONG time.

Im back!

After a week of spending one week at my cousins house, im finally back at my sweet home. Not really much i can say except that well you know, its always invigorating to have one week off school and work, but now that im back i wish i had more time off to rest XD... well ill see you around later.