Wednesday, 22 April 2009


I had a dream, were i was a butterfly. I didn't remembered that previously i had been a human, i just remembered being a butterfly. My wings were blue, with dots of lazy purple. It was a unique pattern in butterflies, i was the only butterfly with those wings. and when i flapped them, the colors seemed to make an almost hypnotic pattern. I flew and flew, from flower to flower, over a, what seemed, infinite flower field. But i noticed something. All the flowers were daisies. But i didn't cared. I just liked flying over them. A life as a butterfly was pretty carefree. I just flew over the flowers. Resting from time to time, and whenever i went down, other bugs seemed to be amazed at the beauty of my wings. During one of my rests, i went to down and decided to walk for a change, and walk among my fellow bugs. Rapidly, some bugs bega following me and my wings. It spooked me a bit but i didn't paid attention, i just wanted to walk. Suddenly a worm came out of the earth and he started asking me question.

"I am blind but i can sense that a lot of bugs are following you. Why is that?" The worm asked.
"Well i think its because of my colorful yet soothing wings" I replied.
"Whats so special about them?" the worm continued.
"Well they are the only wings with these colors around him" I said bluntly.
"What have you done to deserve them?" the worm asked simply. "Well we shall leave that for another day, for i have to dig wholes so water can reach the roots of the flowers" and he dug off.
I was left feeling a bit insulted and i flew off. Instantly the disappointed sighs of my follower bugs echoed in my butterfly ears. I went to the highest daisy and sat on the edge of one of its petals and i began thinking about what the worm had said.

I didn't contributed anything, i hadn't deserve my wings, yet the poor blind worm digs all day so this daisies won't die. He truly deserve wings.

Then i waked up.

Feeling a bit shaken at my dream, i decided to go walk outside (since it was still holidays i didn't had any problems. I went out to the yard and interestingly enough i found a butterfly on the ground. It didn't had the hypnotic pattern like i did but nevertheless, it was beautiful. I sat down next to the butterfly, and fortunately it didn't mind me sitting next to it. I reached my finger towards it and it walked right into it. I was amazed at the delicately pattern of its wings, because even though it wasn't as pretty as my own wings were, it still was amazing. after a couple of seconds the butterfly flew away, but i stayed where i was sitting. The night before it had been raining and the yard had lots of puddles of mud. The nearest one to me, i noticed had worms. I WAS SHOCKED!

Perhaps the butterfly flew when he saw the worm coming out of the puddle, and was ashamed as i was for not earning its wings.


Christine said...

That was intense .... many lessons in there .... I think I will re-read this today ....

Thank you very much for this post!
Great post!

Muadita said...

thanks Christine!
People like you motivate me to continue writing ^^

david mcmahon said...

Someone left a comment on my blog, telling me to read this. Enjoyed my first visit here.

Gaston Studio said...

Congrats for winning David's POTD award!