Thursday, 26 March 2009


Hey my blogie friends: i have thought of this idea, and i hope some of you would like to do it. I shall put a question and after that i would like you all to answer it, and if you can/want add it to your own blog and ask your own bloggie friends to do ti, so that the idea spreads. If you like my idea well please do it :P anyways here is the question.

List 5 things you would like to do if they told you you had 1 week left for life from today.

here are the things i would do.
-The very first i would do would be to visit Japan and thats just because i love that culture so much, there besides sightseeing, i would go to the Naruto (a japenese cartoon that i love) studios and ask to meet the creator of the show (and that would make me so happy)

-Another thing i would do would be to sky dive and scuba dive (especially in fiji or hawaii). Even though im a coward for anything extreme, i would summon all my guts to do the first one. The scuba diving i dont think id be scare.

-Thirdly, (and this might sound a but silly) I would like to have a kiss from someone special, but a real kiss, not a cheek kiss, a real, warm, ful of love, kiss.

-Fourth, I would love to have a chat with any of the following people: -Masashi Kishimoto. AMazingPhil, HurricaneAubrey, Dudeneedaeaseonup, Steve Hawkins, Randall Munroe, Pope Bennedict XVI, Obama, Holly Mary Combs, Hugh Laurie, Alyssa Milano, and Satoshi Tajiri. There are persons, i admire/like/aspire ect...

-Finally, i would like to take my mom to the taj mahal and my father to Disneyland.

So those are 5 things i would like to do. What about you? leave an answer in you blog and tell me about it!

until next time...

Monday, 23 March 2009

If you have the time...

Hello world! well, I dont think im ready to post just yet however, if you find the time, please read a friend's blog. he is my best friend and i would really appriciate if you could check it out. READ HERE PLEASE

Thursday, 12 March 2009


Right now we are at 10 degrees celcius, the air is cold and the wind is harsh. At night there was rain so right now everything is wet. And i couldnt help but laughing. As spring is coming closer and closer, to me this kind of weather (after weeks of being at nearly 40°c) is the last of winter will have in a long time. Seriously when i woked up this morning, i couldnt help smiling as my imagination raced thinking of an old white bearded man in a icy blue tunic doing all hi could to fight off a young woman in a green flowery dress with gust of snow and rain. I just love cold wet weather so right now im enjoying the chill A LOT!!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


So, everything seems to get worse and worse as time goes by. I seriously need a change of scenery or i think i might explode. Right now to me, my problems seem so enormously huge that they dont seem to have a solution, and that sooner rather than later, im going to let down a whole bunch of people includin myself. I hate this feeling, its as though i am only waiting for the other shoe to drop, and my efforts to stopped it were in vain. I did everything i my power to do better, however now im just sitting with the stinking feeling that im a big failure. I know that in a couple of years, months even, all of this will seem so ridicusly silly i will feel ashame of thinking it was so important right now, but the problem is that RIGHT NOW, eveything is waiting to explode in my face. Im seriously getting desperate.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Read this please =D

Hello guys, well i got an old friend of mine to start a blog and he did HURRAY FOR POWER OF PERSUATION!! 

Anyways, you should read his blog he is a highly skilled writter and as i said before, a good friend of mine. Here is the URL:

Please read it!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Word of the week

Sakura: Sakura, or commonly reffered to as "Japanese flowering cherry" is a a beautiful tree who's signature is its pink petals. One of the things i love is how their appearance changes a lot in winter and in spring. During winter Sakura's are bare and their beautiful leaves are gone. However, during spring, they are so breathtakingly beautiful you can't help but admire their beauty. Personally i admire these trees better during autumn (strange coincidence) because you are showered in a marvelous rain of all shades of pink. If you have the chance to get this tree by all means get it since it is really beautiful.

If you have read my past few entries, you would have guess im going through some hard time. however today, this is not the case, and i decided to start a video blog =D you should wait for it =D