Thursday, 26 March 2009


Hey my blogie friends: i have thought of this idea, and i hope some of you would like to do it. I shall put a question and after that i would like you all to answer it, and if you can/want add it to your own blog and ask your own bloggie friends to do ti, so that the idea spreads. If you like my idea well please do it :P anyways here is the question.

List 5 things you would like to do if they told you you had 1 week left for life from today.

here are the things i would do.
-The very first i would do would be to visit Japan and thats just because i love that culture so much, there besides sightseeing, i would go to the Naruto (a japenese cartoon that i love) studios and ask to meet the creator of the show (and that would make me so happy)

-Another thing i would do would be to sky dive and scuba dive (especially in fiji or hawaii). Even though im a coward for anything extreme, i would summon all my guts to do the first one. The scuba diving i dont think id be scare.

-Thirdly, (and this might sound a but silly) I would like to have a kiss from someone special, but a real kiss, not a cheek kiss, a real, warm, ful of love, kiss.

-Fourth, I would love to have a chat with any of the following people: -Masashi Kishimoto. AMazingPhil, HurricaneAubrey, Dudeneedaeaseonup, Steve Hawkins, Randall Munroe, Pope Bennedict XVI, Obama, Holly Mary Combs, Hugh Laurie, Alyssa Milano, and Satoshi Tajiri. There are persons, i admire/like/aspire ect...

-Finally, i would like to take my mom to the taj mahal and my father to Disneyland.

So those are 5 things i would like to do. What about you? leave an answer in you blog and tell me about it!

until next time...


Madame DeFarge said...

Not sure what I'd do really, but I'd want to spend the time with friends and family and see everyone who mattered to me. Go home to Scotland one last time. Tell people that I loved them. Eat a lot of ice cream. Listen to my favourite music. And feel incredibly sad at leaving life behind.

Christine said...

WOW…this one is a hum-dinger!!
I would want to do your list and Madame DeFarge’s.
I always wanted to travel out of the US, maybe Ireland. And then try to say goodbye to friends, and spend time with family ….

Linda Sue said...

wish i was your MOM- I would go with you! Love your list!