Thursday, 12 March 2009


Right now we are at 10 degrees celcius, the air is cold and the wind is harsh. At night there was rain so right now everything is wet. And i couldnt help but laughing. As spring is coming closer and closer, to me this kind of weather (after weeks of being at nearly 40°c) is the last of winter will have in a long time. Seriously when i woked up this morning, i couldnt help smiling as my imagination raced thinking of an old white bearded man in a icy blue tunic doing all hi could to fight off a young woman in a green flowery dress with gust of snow and rain. I just love cold wet weather so right now im enjoying the chill A LOT!!


Christine said...

To funny ... I have 'cabin-feaver' because of all the rain!! LOL!!

Madame DeFarge said...

We had the most glorious sunny day today, almost the first of spring. I was surprised by the instant appearance of people in t-shirts and shorts. It was warm, but not that warm. We're nothing if not insanely optimistic over here.

Christine said...

You did not disapear from us???
Looking forward to you next post!!