Saturday, 29 November 2008

Mutual Respect


After surfing through the tubes, I came along this particular Video.

And if you look through the coments you'll find the extensive array of people. This video which talks about Hitler gives coments that some are against Hitler, and some are for Hitler. Look at this.

Hitler was powerful leader, Germany alone was to stand in the face of USA, Soviet Union and Great Britian
The coward George Bush who is the leader of the Most powerful country is afraid to invade Iran !! And he is not able to defeat and kill Muslims !!
USA needs a powerful leader like Hitler. A leader that can exterminate all Muslims and eliminate Islam from the face of this world" (maroom1)

Ok first of all, that coment was quite offensive and stupid, ethnic diversity is a fact in our planet. RESPECT is needed. This kind of coments show how ignorant people can get. 

Next, I saw this coments: 

" had to be a complete retard to fall under this man's spell." (chaos2378)

Ok lets get things straight. Germany was suffering one of its worst economical crisis, when Hitler gained power and popularity, people were desperate, and starving, and then this man with powerful and emotional words comes and tells you that he will fix the problems of your daily life. People welcomed him with open arms for the state in which Germany was left after WWI.

"he wasn't racist, he just hated jews, for all they did to Germany and the world...the jews, they are the main kampf to understand more about his views...and for all the people who thiks hitler is "evil" then read "the international jew" by henry ford, he stands for the same ideas as hitler, and he's not "evil" (alfonsopuig)

Again with racism, seriously, people like this is the reason we have so much tension between nations.

"Im racist, but that doesnt make me nazi yet :P
Im racist against muslims and turks and marrocans. and rappers :P Hitler was racist against Jews.
Hitler was evil yes, and u guys hate him correct?
Well, without him germany would have been for the french with the Versailles thingy. and its better for speaking german instead of fucking french. BTW. if we didnt had Hitler. we wouldnt have such cool WWII games. (OMFG THATS A BIG FACT)"

Im not even going to go with this kind of stupidity.

Of course we get intelligent people like this one: 

"The reason that Hitler got into power was by his macheovellian self. You have to remember that Germany was in economic depression at that time and Germany needed a strong leader to pull them through. There is no excuse for being a Nazi, as their beliefs are pure evil. I can understand why he got into power, but it wasn't due to human ignorance or stupidity." (tomcusack)

Ok this is intelligent.

This are my thoughts on HItler, please feel free to judge me:

Hitler was one of the best political leaders the world will ever know. His policies were able to restore a completle destroyed Germany into a succesful nation (for a while). However, his racist views got the best of him. His crimes against humanity were atrocious and will leave a scar on the world for a long time. RACISM is not the answer, every culture in our world helps the world. Peolpe who supported him were not stupid, or evil. They were desperate and it is in human nature to try to avoid unplesant experiences. German citizens found relief after several years of disgrace and miseries.

I am not justifying the Holocaust or the plans for a global Reich, but we cannot go around with a one-view side of history. 

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