Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I hope you understand

Hi guys, i know not many people reads my blog, but you who do are important to me so i want you to know, right now im having some family problems, and im also on finals, and my birthday is coming up this friday, so im really stressed right now, and when i write stressed out i never like what i write, so for a while (i hope that by next wednesday when my frickin' exams are overs ill feel better since finals are 70% of my stress) so "Flower" and, well, my whole blog, will be on pause for the time being. DONT WORRY I SHALL BE BACK!! i just need some time. 

Thanks for your understanding. and again, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING MY BLOG. to hear your comments always puts makes me SOOOOOOOO happy like you have no idea.

Well see ya guys. 

Love, Edward =D


Christine said...

First ... very Happy Birthday to you!
Second ..... family problems are tuff, but love always rises to the top.
Third .... go and get ready for those scary finals!!! You will do great ... I just know it!
Fourth .... we will all be waiting for you! :O)

MaJo said...


jajaj xD
feliz kumplee!!
d nuevoo!!
tienes k pasarte x aki
pk ay un regalo
k no puede ser envuelto
x falta d materialidad




baai :)

el viernes vamonos a garibaldii!!

aun tngo k pedir permiso
pro amm..
sii vamonos xD