Tuesday, 9 December 2008

2 wrongs

Ok here is some food for thought, people say two wrongs dont make a right, but isnt that how the legal system works?

Seriously, think about it, when someone kills another person, at the very least the killer is sent to jail. So lets analyze that:

1st wrong: Killing (killer)
2nd wrong: putting someone in a cage for the rest of their lives (law system)

Seriousl if we look at this from an objective and unbaised way basically we are saying 2 wrongs make 1 right. 

So what do you think about that?


MaJo said...

yo digo k es toda una mensada
(x no decir otra kosa)

el error d kien mato
es irreparable

y el error d mandarlo a la karcel...
la vdd no creo k sea error
pro podrian ponerle kadena perpetua
y ya no seria tato un error

o tu k krees??

ok ando borracha Xd

cestmoiwikies said...

Parafraseando a Madrazo (político mexicano), la cárcel tiene el propósito de reincorporar -tarde o temprano- al reo a la sociedad, hacerlo apto de nuevo. Acto que, en definitiva, no se ve consumado en el caso de la cadena perpetua. Como sea, Madrazo se arrepintió algunas veces de sus confesiones, yo no creo que tenga del todo razón, y la cadena perpetua no existe en Nuevo León.

nh92 said...

I have to say I strongly disagree...It would be wrong not to imprison a killer, and anybody who disagrees has some serious psychological issues to work out. Why would a person deserve the same freedom as everyone else if they choose to completely disregard not only the law, but someone else's freedom as well? To tell you the truth, putting somebody in jail after they've been committed of a murder is going easy on them and if anything, they should be grateful. Once you're proven guilty of something, you're not entitled to the same freedoms as everyone else and it's nobody's fault but your own. Criminals make their own decisions on whether or not they want to spend the rest of their lives in jail; nobody forced them to commit crimes.