Thursday, 18 December 2008


Hi everbody, i have a small emmm, christmas favor i guess: can you please recomend artist from several types of music? I want to increase my musical knowledge. I am open to all types of music =D


MaJo said...

si stas abierto a todo
pro absolutamente a todo
debes escuchar esto:

Grupo/kantante Cancion
Aha take on me
ALI proyect Seishoujo ryouiki
anne murray you needed me
apocalyptica bittersweet
hirano aya hare hare yukai
arch enemy ravenous
bad luck shining collection
blink 182 all the small things
buckethead spidercrawl
cascade sexy sexy
credence traveling band
chak las nubes
cheryl crow what if god was one of
chevelle pictures of you
cradle of filth nymphetamine
daft punk one more time
emilie autum the art of suicide

jjaja bueno son algunos
keria ponerte d k toda la biblioteca de mi iTunes XDD
jaj no pro luego jamas termino

espero k te gusten edoo

MaJo said...

se revolvio todo
si kieres alguna
(o si kieres k t aklare la lista xD)
me dices

Tyree Callahan said...

Try these bands:

Yo La Tengo
Cat Power
The Flaming Lips (their newer stuff)
The Arcade Fire
Iron & Wine

Thanks for the kind comment on my painting. Have a great week!