Friday, 5 December 2008

Piano (Short Story fragment)

so there she was, as beautiful as always. her long black hair fell to her hips, and her eyes shone unaturally bright, reflecting the full moon in front of her. 
"Would you like to hear what i wrote?" she said, her soft voice putting me in an almost hypnotic trance.

"Of course, I'd love that" I said almost automatically.

"She sat down in hte stool. Her red dress falling in place, as though every movment was planned, as if wanting to go along with harmony. She stretched her fingers, and then with a swift movment, almost invisible to my eyes, the room was filled with the most beautiful melody i had ever heard. 

"I hope you like, this, considerng i wrote it for you." She said. Uninterrupting her playing.

I couldn't talk, the music filled me, it was astonishing. That sensation of drowsyness started to fill me again, as if i has being hypnotized. Tears started to flow down my cheeks. It was the most magical and wonderful thing i had ever heard and the sole thought of her stopping was enough to make me cry. 

" I love you" were the words that i last pronounced that day. Seconds later, my eyes close, never to open again, while the melody continued, never stopping.

Ok now i feel sad. I wrote this while hearing "River Flows in you" which can be found in my playlist below.

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MaJo said...

amm amm
ya te lo abia dicho
te kedo bn impresionante
me kede kn kara d: O.O


si aun kieres eso d: kmo aser k mas personas lean tu blog
pasaselos a kienes tu kieras
x korreo o x mesenger
o algo asi