Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The real meaning of school.

Hi again, be warned as this is mainly an emotional relief, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

So today i was talking with my tutor today and we were discussing the real meaning of school. Basically i just exploded and started babling out to my poor tutor, who had never seen me so shaken up. Basically what i said and is mainly true (at least for the schools i have been) is that the important thing now is the number. Know people dont care for the actual knowledge but the number in the paper. Parent especially at a young age give us the wrong message lately and that the vital part of school is the grade. Dont get me wrong, I know it is very important, but know instead of actually trying to learn students just want to get the top scores. Basically they could memorize it for the exam day but 2 or 3 weeks later, it would have gone away to nothingness. Students dont care to UNDERSTAND what they are studying, why should they? They have been thought that the important thing to get into a good college and get a good job is the danm grade. Because of this cheating increases, stress increases and actual knowledge is not being transmitted good enough. Seriously the educational system needs to change.


Linda Sue said...

Hang in there! What you say is true even at University level. Become autodidactic, do what your brilliant mind tells you to do- you will come out shining beyond the others- I know this first hand!
It just sucks to be the age that you are son is now 21 (whew) , we have been through it ! Just hang in there and be true to YOU! You are fabulous in every way!

Muadita said...

aww thank you it means a lot =D

willow said...

Sure, you can use Willow Manor. Is this a story for a school project?

Linda Sue said...

Muadita , if you meant to follow my blog you are instead following the artist collective blog...just to clarify. I hope that today is better for you, sweet one! Eat chocolate- it's good for your BRAIN!