Monday, 16 February 2009


Today at school, my history teacher chastise a friend because he was spacing out. Her exact words were "Hey! pay attention! You're never in this reality!" And my friend came up with these words: "Whats so good about our reality?" An d that was it... That quote stayed with me all day long, and hasn't let me think straight. The main problem is that as soon as i came with a few answer to that, i came up with so much more that conter all those. I couldnt find any good reasons to want to be in our reality, at least in my reality. Seriously, I work a lot just to get yelled at, double cross, betrayed, punish, hit and/or ignored. So i dont know what to do. 

So this was another rant, i seem to be getting very ranty lately but well, i need to load off. Thanks for reading and any comment would be appriciated.

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