Friday, 6 February 2009

What does it all means

WARNING: this is going to be a personal blog which means that it will mainly have the thoughts of a teenager who is pretty dramatic. You have been warn, so read at your own risk.

Ok so this is the deal, for the past few weeks ive been feeling emptiness all over. Things i used to like mean nothing to me anymore, sometimes i do find the fun i used to have but only for a few minutes before the boredom kicks in. I dont seem to find the competitive desire i used to have when i play chess or video games against my friends. My fmaily situation isnt making it any better. I dont know who to express it, it seems i have fall into a void, a crack where it seems i cant move on. I feel im not doing anything with my life. So, seriously, what does it all means? is it even worth the effort? It seems that i dont identify myself with my friends, or that somehow we have change a lot. TO BE CONTINUE...

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