Monday, 23 February 2009


Recently, a certain person who has autority over me, asked me if i trusted her. I automatically and withtout thinking, i said yes. However, later, when this person, lets call her M, found a certain paper containing priveledge information, i got into a lot of trouble. After i got scolded, enter a thinking state and reflected on if i truly trusted M to secrets i have. The main problem is that i feel that if M were to know things I know, then the consequences wont be nice. Now, i know that everyone should accept the consequences of his/her actions, however, people usually tried to avoid unplesants situations.

So now the real question rises. Do i trust M enough to tell her EVERYTHING? Do YOU trust one person at least one to tell him/her EVERYTHING?

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Linda Sue said...

Absolutely NOT! Unless it is your Mom, trust no one especially at your age.